Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager for the New Year


Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager

California Leasing Property Management Work with Homeowners to make their investment work for them!

We know that the thought of investing can be a little scary. Not to mention finding qualified tenants can cause huge amounts of frustration.

Here at California Leasing Property Management, we have taken steps to not only improve the process but take the overwhelming process of managing rental homes off your shoulders with ease. Even if you’re working with another property management firm, we’re here to help you navigate the process and when you’re ready to switch, it’s easier than you might think!

Our team is always available to answer questions, and help with the process! Feel free to give the office a call at 661-294-8500 or go here to contact us!

What are the advantages of hiring professionals?

There are many amazing reasons to hire a professional residential property management team, but here are the best reasons:

1. Tenant Management: California Leasing Property Management only rents to the most highly qualified tenants that have submitted applications. Quickly take a look at our Tenant Approval Process here! Once a tenant is approved we handle everything from rent collection to coordinating repairs, and of course all tenant communication for our full-service property owners.

2. Top-notch Tenant Screening:  We do all the heavy lifting from the beginning of the tenant screening process! Our experts conduct credit checks, income & employment verifications, and complete all paperwork when we’ve found the right one!

 3. Save Time & Maximize Your ROI:  When you choose to work with our team of experts, we start with marketing your property on every available syndicated website including all social media channels like Instagram & Facebook.

California Leasing Property Management is run by real estate professionals with decades of experience in the property management industry.

 4. Eviction Protection Programs: Not only are our owner’s licensed real estate brokers, but they are also investors in rental homes of their own. That’s why they have devised Eviction Protection Programs that add a layer of support and protection should you ever experience tenant issues.

We’re here for you when you’re ready!

We’ve been working in the industry for a long time, and know exactly what it takes to successfully ensure a home is rented to a qualified tenant. Let us do the work for you and start saving money, and gaining peace of mind!