Renting A Property

Watch Our Video And Learn More

Watch Our Video and Learn more


Thank you for your interest in renting a property with California Leasing’s properties! We are proud to offer simply the highest quality rental properties throughout the City of Santa Clarita and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking to call Santa Clarita or San Fernando Valley home – our expert staff can assist you with finding the ideal location for your rental property needs.

Renting a property with California Leasing is simple:

  • First take time to review our list of available properties and decide which properties fit your criteria.
  • Second, review our Qualifying Guidelines below to become familiar with our requirements for qualifying for one of our rental properties.
  • Next, tour the areas where the properties are located, and ensure that the rental property suits your needs. You may also wish to research schools, shopping, and proximity to entertainment options for the property. You will likely be living in this property for many years, so this is an important part of the process!
  • Finally, schedule a showing at your earliest convenience from our website. In order to apply for a property you must view it first in order for our agents to process your application.

Ready to apply for an California Leasing rental property? Every adult who will be residing in the property will be required to provide the following information for the application process:

  1. A completed application form per adult.
  2. Proof of income; such as two months of pay stubs, two months of bank statements or tax documents if self-employed.
  3. Please visit the listing you wish to apply for and simply click the Apply Now button to complete the process.

Qualifying Guidelines for All California Leasing Properties:

Ready to apply for a California Leasing rental property?

We have streamlined the process to facilitate providing quality rental properties to qualified applicants as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, we ask that you submit fully completed applications and provide all of the required documentation and information as accurately as possible.

The process is described below:
1. Each person over 18 intending to occupy the property must provide a completed application and pay the $40 application fee. Each person will have a credit check, a nationwide eviction search, and a nationwide criminal database performed. Unfortunately, there is no exception to this.
2. Each person intending to use their income to qualify must provide the two most recent months of income verification. Paystubs, personal bank statements and if self-employed, tax returns may be used. Please check with the Listing Agent should you have questions.
3. Each person applying must provide a legible, clear copy of picture I.D.
4. Once everything is received for everyone in the party applying and the required application fees
have been paid, we will begin processing the applications in the order in which they are received. (Incomplete applications will not be processed)
5. Completed applications will be presented to the owner of the property for final approval.
6. Once a final approval is received, applicant will have 24 hours to remit security deposit payment in the form of certified funds.
7. Once the deposit is received, the lease will be sent via docusign for execution. Approved applicants will
have 48 hours to execute the lease or it may be canceled.

Qualifications for All California Leasing Rental Properties:

  • Credit score must be 581 or higher on our credit report to use that applicants income to qualify. (A credit score of under 581 will disqualify that applicant from using their income to qualify)
  • Occupancy is limited to 2 people per bedroom.
  • Security deposit is based on the applicant with the highest credit score who earns at least
    50% of the required income.
  • Security Deposit. A credit score of 581-650 requires 1.5 times the monthly rent in security.
    Over 650 is 1 times the rent plus $500 in security. The security deposit must be paid in
    order to secure the property.
  • Income requirements.


For rent amounts under $1999, gross monthly income must be at least 3 times the rent amount.
For rent amounts $2000-$3000, gross monthly income must be at least 2.75 times the rent amount.
For rent amounts $3001 or more, gross monthly income must be 2.5 times the rent amount.


  • Pets, if approved by the owner, will result in a base rent increase of $25 per month, per pet. Certain breeds are not allowed due to limitations in liability insurance.
  • Rent will be pro-rated for the month you move in. If you move in after the 20th, the following month’s rent will also be due.
  • Persons with rental evictions on their records will not be considered. Other applicants in the same applying party will be disqualified to rent from California Leasing for a period of 1 year.
  • Persons owing money to a previous landlord will not be considered.
  • Applicants are required to obtain renter’s insurance and show proof of such prior to the
    lease commencement date. If documentation is not provided, possession of the property
    will not be granted until California Leasing receives the required documentation.
  • California Leasing does not accept co-signers.
    This is not an inclusive list of criteria, but does cover the most commonly applicable criteria.