National Association of Property Managers

Watch Our Video And Learn More

Watch Our Video and Learn more


California Leasing & Management chooses to be a member of the National Association of Property Managers or NARPM, in order to better serve our customers with the utmost knowledge and commitment to excellence. We find that providing our customers with the best information available to them, as well as employing educated and experienced experts, simply creates an ideal scenario for success.

Many of our clients are unaware of what the benefits of hiring a NARPM certified property manager might be and how it will positively impact everything from rent collection to managing maintenance issues. We are proud to share about NARPM and its history, and how those who choose membership, have chosen to hold themselves to a higher standard of quality of service.

California Leasing & Management’s entire team has access to some of the greatest and most valuable resources and we ensure that our team is educated on the constantly changing laws and regulations for the safety of your investment. Working with a California Leasing & Management property manager, you receive something many other property management firms don’t offer, and that’s peace of mind. That peace of mind to a property investor is invaluable!

Possibly the most important thing to the entire California Leasing & Management team, are the code of ethics we work and live by in order to maintain alignment with the values set forth by the association.

To learn more about the standard by which we govern our daily business practices, please visit the NARPM website link below and watch the handy video, featuring our owners. As investors themselves, they know the importance of being a NARPM member and hiring only the best!

NARPM Member Code of Ethics