Managing Sharing a Fridge with a Roommate


Common conflicts in a home with roomies is generally regarding shared space, and especially the kitchen. What we’ve learned from assisting in minor conflict resolution between tenants and hearing the stories of many of our independent owners is that there should always be ground rules agreed upon, even before the boxes are unpacked. 1. Break out the Markers While it’s … Read More

Getting Ready to Move into a Rental


Make your move into a rental easy and stress-free! Congratulations! You just got word that you landed your brand new rental unit. We know all you can think about is getting settled into your new place, hosting elaborate dinner parties, and snuggling up on your couch for a movie night, but before you start packing here are a few tips … Read More

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Are Going To Love


Valentine's Day date

These Valentine’s Day date ideas are sure to land you a kiss or two! Hello, young lovers! Whether you think of the King and I, Frank Sinatra, or Perry Como crooning the old love song, it is that time of the year when Cupid aims, shoots, and hits his target with heart tipped arrows leaving up twitterpated…or stressed when you … Read More

Quick and Easy Recipes Your Family Will Love


Your family is going to love these quick and easy recipes! We all know the struggle. You work late and find it easier to go through the drive-thru for a quick taco instead of going home and using up those groceries you bought on the weekend. Or you rush to take all the kiddos to soccer practice before coming home … Read More

Get Organized With These Effective Storage Solutions


You are going to love these effective storage solutions! You are all too familiar with the scene we are about to paint: the kids toys are tossed around the floor, the clothes are piling up on a random chair by the washer, and the backpacks are thrown by the side of the front door. Sound familiar? Of course it does, … Read More

Fall Decor for a Rental Home

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It’s almost Halloween and we’re seeing a lot of wonderful fall decor around the homes of our tenants and neighbors. With weather cooling down, it’s easy to decorate and yet it’s tough to manage the various holidays as they move past us on the calendar. Living in a rental home it might also seem like a challenge to decorate and … Read More

Lounge-Worthy Backyard Ideas!


Looking for some lounge-worthy backyard ideas? Even if you’re calling a rental property home, it’s easy to add some welcoming features that can transform your backyard into a relaxation oasis! The California Leasing team has cornered the market on Santa Clarita Property Management, and we’ve found a handful of great tips on to help make the most of your outdoor … Read More

HOA Violations & Property Management


  HOA Violations and managing a property can be a difficult task and the experts at the California Leasing office establish a professional dialogue with tenants and owners to ensure that all issues are handled professionally and expediently.  HOA violations can vary, from issues with noise to serious community violations that need immediate attention. It’s important to make certain that … Read More

Spring Cleaning: 4 Tips to Success!


It’s almost that time again! Spring Cleaning!! Love it or hate it, if you have a strategy it is much easier to complete your tasks with ease. Whether you’re a neat freak or simply looking to revamp your home and make things easier to locate when you need them, we’ve got some tips that could help make the most of … Read More

Bringing a Garden Indoors

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Love to garden, “bringing a garden indoors” can be a great solution! Bringing a garden indoors can seem time-consuming, and as though it might take up more space then you’re willing to commit to in the long run. We recently found a great piece put together by Bob Vila titled, “10 Crazy New Ways to Bring the Garden Indoors” and … Read More