Agent Referral Program

Watch Our Video And Learn More

Watch Our Video and Learn more


what we do for our partners!

Which would you rather do; pay for endless hours of marketing or have someone pay you while your homeowners wait for the right time to sell?  I would rather be paid. That's a "no brainer."

Here's  how it works.   From time-to-time  you're going to run  into a client who isn't ready  to sell just yet. No problem,  because you can now say you serve  100% of the real estate marketplace.   Whereas you used to just handle buyers and sellers,  now you handle buyers, sellers, tenants, and investors.

When you encounter a client who would rather lease their home while they wait for the right time to sell, you have a solution! Simply fill out the form below and we will email our Referral Agreement.  In turn, we will pay you $499 when we rent the property!

Our Pledge to You

We will safeguard your clients for you while they are at California Leasing & Management. We honor, and will continue to honor, the relationship between you and your clients.

We pay thousands of dollars each year for management industry-specific software. You will be entered into our software system as the "Site Manager" for your referral client.  When they are ready to buy or sell, we will know that the referral came from you, and your client will be delivered right back into your hands for either buying or selling.

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Start referring property owners to California Leasing & Management.

Simply fill out the form below to receive our Referral Agreement and one of our property managers will be in touch to answer all of your questions.

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