Thanksgiving Holiday Tips!

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picture of pumpkin decor and fall leaves

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we at would like you to have a pleasant and worry-free Holiday with family and friends!

If you haven’t been using your oven on a regular basis, test it before the holiday to ensure that it’s working properly before the big event. Maintenance can be tough to manage on the holidays, and we want to make certain you have wonderful day.

Don’t forget about that sink and garbage disposal! To help keep your sink in good, working order follow these easy to follow tips!

– Use cold water while running your disposal.
– Continue to run water through the disposal at least 10 seconds after turning the disposal off.
– Clear all scraps into the garbage before rinsing your plate in the sink

Avoid putting the following items down your disposal:

– Coffee grounds
– Grease
– Fruit peels and skins
– Corn husks and silk
– Potato peels
– Stringy Vegetables
– Rice
– Bottle caps and coins
– Aquarium sand or gravel
– Paper and or food packaging

As a reminder, our office will be closed all day on Thursday, November 23rd, for the Thanksgiving holiday and Friday, November 24th.

Happy Thanksgiving from our staff to you!!