Spring Maintenance Tips for Rental Homeowners

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It’s almost time for Spring cleaning, which is crucial for property investors who have a home in between tenants. Property managers and landlords can help avoid and prevent unnecessary damage by creating a Spring Checklist that can be used by tenants and property managers to ensure that homes are well-maintained.

The following highlights the benefits of conducting annual spring rental inspections.

  • Inspect – Landlords should confirm there is no damage to roofs or pipes especially after our heavy rains here in Santa Clarita. Driveway areas should be inspected for potholes or broken curbs. These types of damages are common with cold, arctic temperatures.
  • Repair – To help prevent costly long-term repairs, repair all damage immediately. If damages are weather-related, they may be covered by property insurance policies.
  • Real Estate Taxes – As spring approaches, more county and city governments begin processing annual real estate assessments and taxes. Make certain that everything is covered to avoid any issues!

On average, more tenants move in the spring and summer months. This gives property managers and landlords the perfect opportunity to conduct a thorough spring-cleaning. Landlords of properties can focus on replacing light bulbs, plumbing supplies, shower heads, furnace, and air filters, as well as conducting air conditioning and hot water heater inspections. All smoke detectors and carbon monoxide units should have new batteries installed and be in proper working order.

If you need tips and information on proper maintenance, get in touch with our experts for help! We’ve got a plan for every owner.

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