Preventing Water Damage in Your Rental Home


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Trying to avoid major repairs in your home? Preventing water damage in your rental home starts with prevention! Whether you’re a resident living in a rental home or your own home, this is a great way to avoid any issues with potential water damage



✅ Check under sinks in the bathrooms & kitchens for leaks or standing water
✅ Make sure connections with your washer are secure and check for water around the base
✅ Keep an eye on the area around your refrigerator for drips or leaks if you have an icemaker
✅ Know how to use your water release valve on your water heater and keep personal items away in case of issues

If you have any issues with your home and potential water damage, make sure to call your property management expert ASAP! If you’re a homeowner, and you’re looking for a property manager to help you take over the tough tasks of monitoring your home’s maintenance then we would be happy to help and you can start here. ⠀