How to Get Your Home Ready to Show


How to Get Your Home Ready to Show blog post image

Are you getting ready to rent your home? Are you a resident moving up to a better size property or downsizing to suit your needs? Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way to successful showings! We’ve been doing this process for quite some time, and at this point, we’ve got some great tips on How to Get Your Home Ready to Show.

California Leasing Property Management offers in-person or virtual showings, in order to ensure that our future residents are able to view the home prior to moving in. Showings of a home for rent are key to ensuring that the home is a good fit for future residents.

  • Make all the beds – we know mornings are busy and can be hectic, but if your home is going to be shown while you’re away, it’s important to get those beds made and provide future residents with a good idea of a tidy bedroom.
  • Keep the sink empty & clean – if you’re like us, then you love cooking, but not necessarily the clean-up process. While your home is being shown, please take the time to clean out the sink and put away all dishes.
  • Vacuum carpets – if your home has carpets, then give it a quick vacuum before leaving for the day, or the night before to make sure your living spaces put their best foot forward.
  • Put away personal items – make certain that you put away, any personal items or valuables that you would prefer not to be in view of prospective residents. It also helps prospects to visualize themselves living in the space!
  • Sweep tile & wood floors – dust bunnies can show up when you least expect them and they can be a huge turn-off to future residents of your space. Give floors a quick sweep, and get those little guys under control.
  • Take out the trash – trash cans in the kitchen, and bathrooms, should be emptied just to be sure that nothing stinky or unsightly is left behind. 
  • Put laundry away – we know that laundry can be a huge chore, between work-life and household chores, time can be a luxury for most of us, but make sure you put away laundry in its place. 

A tidy space will definitely find fresh residents faster than one that isn’t, and that is beneficial for everyone! Are you ready to move? Thinking about renting your home? We’re here to help guide you through the entire process.