Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!


Copy of EArth Day 300x286 - Celebrate Earth Day Every Day!

Earth Day is right around the corner, and the entire #California Leasing encourages all of our friends and neighbors to participate in any way possible! Now that spring is well underway, there’s no better time to clean up around the house, start a garden or find waysearth day around your community that you can make the area where you live more beautiful. Here in the City of Santa Clarita, there are many valuable opportunities to recycle, participate in local park and neighborhood beautification projects and year-round efforts to maintain open spaces. April 22nd is a wonderful day for communities to come together and make a difference. Green Santa Clarita is a local event that encourages all of our neighbors to learn more about water conservation, benefit from free trees and have a fun learning about the best ways to save energy. In a quick search of the web, there are many valuable suggestions on how to make small changes around the house or to your daily activities. Here are few helpful ideas that we’ve gathered in our efforts to participate in Earth Day everyday!

  • Create a windowsill garden with fresh herbs that can be used in fresh cooking
  • Attend a farmer’s market to support local growers and ensure you’re fruits and veggies are the best
  • Develop a household recycling plan that encourages all members of the household to participate
  • Make your own bug repellents, cleaners and pesticides that are environmentally friendly
  • Join a community clean-up effort or start your own

If you have any ideas or traditions, that your neighbors and friends have put into place to celebrate Earth Day, please share them with us either here or on any of our social media channels!