Lounge-Worthy Backyard Ideas!


lounge worthy backyard ideas 846x476 - Lounge-Worthy Backyard Ideas!

Looking for some lounge-worthy backyard ideas? Even if you’re calling a rental property home, it’s easy to add some welcoming features that can transform your backyard into a relaxation oasis!

The California Leasing team has cornered the market on Santa Clarita Property Management, and we’ve found a handful of great tips on Houzz.com to help make the most of your outdoor space.


1. Flexible seating for a crowd. Bench seating with built-in storage keeps cushions protected from the elements yet ready to grab when you need them. A selection of thicker floor cushions can be used as extra seats to accommodate a large group, and a table on casters makes a portable surface for setting down drinks and snacks.

2. Party-ready patio. A large shade sail covering the patio provides more coverage than an umbrella alone. An extension table and folding director’s chairs can handle a crowd, but can easily be scaled back when it’s just family. Dress up for a party with a colorful tablecloth and lanterns, and personalize plain canvas chairs with stenciled-on numbers.

3. Daybed hideaway. Give a daybed on the porch an eclectic look with layers of rich textiles and pillows. For the ultimate in outdoor comforts, pull up a bar cart with drink fixings and a bamboo stool on which to set your beverage and book. Leafy potted palms add to the lush, tropical feel.

4. Hammocks for everyone. If one hammock is good, three are even better! Use a mix of larger hammocks (good for napping) and chair-style hammocks to maximize the hangout options. Bonus: Hammocks have a very small footprint when not in use, making them the perfect choice for a compact outdoor room.
5. Cozy outdoor lounge. Built-in benches topped with thick cushions, a sturdy coffee table and an eye-catching Moroccan-style pendant light make for an outdoor space you’ll want to settle into and not leave. Extend seating possibilities with a pouf or two, and don’t forget the candles for even more evening ambiance.
6. Solo escape. A postage-stamp-size balcony doesn’t have to be a setback — think of it asan opportunity to create a getaway perfectly sized for one. A curvy lounge chair, a few potted plants and a string of colorful lanterns transform this small space into a nook you’ll look forward to escaping to.
7. Urban green. Missing the green grass? Bring it to where you are with a cheeky fake-grass rug and plenty of big potted plants, shrubs and even trees. With greenery up high and down low, this little city balcony feels downright verdant. Solar stake lights placed in a potted tree glow in the evening, making this a lovely place to unwind after work.
8. Pallet perfection. Recycled wooden pallets are transformed into a spacious outdoor sectional when topped with thick cushions and bolsters. When you’re entertaining outdoors, don’t forget the flowers — a vase of fresh blooms can make your outdoor room even more inviting!

Thanks to our friends from Houzz.com for all the great tips and information!!!