3 Things to Know About HOAs When Renting a Home!

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3 Things to Know About an HOA

1. Renters don’t (always) pay any HOA fees!

There’s good news for renters when it comes to HOA fees — you usually aren’t responsible for paying them. Homeowners are generally responsible for HOA fees due to the legal implications related to failure to pay HOA fees and how that could impact future sales of the property. When you rent a property, it is important to know what you are responsible for paying in a community with an HOA, and ensure that it’s noted clearly in your lease documents.

2. An HOA Can Mean Improved Property Value!

Areas with HOA oversight tend to have higher property values than other areas in your community without an HOA. While the value of the property might not matter to the tenant, it can definitely impact the community surroundings, and this, of course, can impact the tenant’s quality of life. With HOA you may find amenities included like grounds maintenance, recreational facilities, and more, which are added benefits to both the tenant and owner.

3. Renting a home with an HOA can bring a ton of perks

Beyond the higher property values of neighborhoods with an HOA, there are tons of other perks that come along with renting in an HOA area.

Some HOA fees may include:

  • Ground Maintenance
  • Recreational facilities
  • Secure gate access
  • Pools

This is a short list of some of the key amenities seen in many communities here in Santa Clarita, however, HOA amenities vary from one community to the next. When you’re ready to find your next rental property, visit our Available Rentals page and schedule a showing!