Agent Referral Program

Watch Our Video And Learn More

Watch Our Video and Learn more

California Leasing is committed to the quality relationships we have built with our ever-growing community of friends, neighbors and colleagues. It’s for that reason that we want to encourage our strong community of agents to learn more about the California Leasing agent referral program. We place a high value on the relationships we’ve crafted through our successful property management services, and it’s for that reason we understand the need for our agents counterparts to preserve the relationships that have been created over the years of hard work. And with that in mind, California Leasing’s management team created an agent referral program that allows real estate agents to focus on the sales aspect of your growing portfolio and let us take on the challenges of property management with great care and attention to detail. If you are working with property owner that has an existing portfolio, is looking to build one or is simply seeking to rent their Los Angeles area home, we’re happy to assist in any way possible! California Leasing guarantees to preserve the realtor and client relationship that you have worked hard to build when you refer a property owner to California Leasing for Property Management. Our team will ensure that when your client has the need for real estate services that we will facilitate communication of those needs back to you!

Our experienced team knows how valuable the hard work you’ve done to manage and maintain your relationships and when you partner with California Leasing to extend your reach to include the outstanding services offered by our team, we will return the favor.

Feel free to contact, our property management team at today to receive more information about the program and fees associated with working with California Leasing.

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