Water Saving Tips During Drought


Water - Water Saving Tips During Drought

Water Saving Tips During Drought

Water Saving Tips During Drought – Keep your yard looking with as little water as possible.

Dead plants, brown grass and wilting flowers, don’t necessarily conjure up the most appealing imagery. However, during this time of drought it’s important to find the best ways possible to keep your yard looking splendid and avoid letting it turn into an eyesore.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your yard looking it’s best:

1. Be sprinkler aware

Avoid making common mistakes with your automatic sprinkler system, and take advantage of the benefits it can give your yard. Make certain that your sprinklers are watering the lawn, and not the sidewalk, driveway or road. Test the areas for leaks, by checking ground over-saturation – if you live in a rental home, it’s important to work with your property manager to ensure they are aware of any maintenance repairs that might be needed. Stick to a strict watering schedule, and ensure you are complying with your local regulations too.

2. Water at prime time

Water your lawn during the wee morning hours, and not during the middle of the day. The heat from the storm will quickly evaporate, leaving your lawn with less than ideal saturation. Look into the use of a  rain gauge. A rain gauge can assist with tracking the water your yard is actually getting – an inch a week is preferable. We know during these dry and hot months, it’s best to leave your yard be and while it might brown, once the cooler weather returns then you will notice a difference!

3. Try a drip system

If you live in a rental property, you might not have the option of changing your watering system. However, if you’re helping maintain the yard, a drip system is an ideal watering delivery system that provides your yard with the ideal amount of water over long periods of time.

4. Gather rainwater

Even with the drought we are currently experiencing, there have been scant amounts of rain that can be gathered and saved for use around the yard or if you have your own garden. There are great solutions on-line, and one of the top solutions is gathering runoff in a rain barrel. Be certain to check with your property manager or local laws first before collecting rain water or making changes to irrigation systems.

5. Make the most of your lawnmower

While it might be more appealing to trim your lawn on a regular basis, it’s important to trim it down as low as it will go. Longer grass shades the others and creates an environment that reduces evaporation. Check your lawnmower settings, and use the higher than usual setting to ensure you’re getting the most out of your lawn every day.

6. Mulch your shrubs

Adding a fresh layer of mulch to the areas around your shrubs and trees can make a big difference. Your trees and shrubs will hold nutrients and moisture for an extended period of time. Over time you’ll see that your plants need less water. You could also go green and make compost of food and lawn waste to add to the mix!     The recent drought conditions have put a terrible burden on every one impacted, and we know that it can be frustrating for our tenants of rental property or our investment owners. It’s important to remember that we are all impacted significantly, and we recommend doing the best we can to follow current guidelines and make the most of a terrible situation. If you have any, Water Saving Tips During Drought please send them to us or comment below!