How-to Unclog a Drain in Seconds with Zip It Drain Tool


How-to Unclog a Drain in Seconds with Zip It Drain Tool blog post image

Are you struggling with clogged drains and spending way too much money on drain cleaners that are harsh on your pipes and not great for the environment? Clogged drains aren’t always a reason to call a plumber or reach for expensive drain cleaners that aren’t always great for your pipes and can cause more harm than good. We are happy to help navigate drain issues for our residents, and that’s why we have created a Welcome Home kit that has a few of the necessary items we’ve heard that residents truly love and need when they move into a new rental home. But, it’s always good to keep a tool on hand to ensure that a clogged drain isn’t something simple and easy to fix!

We LOVE the Zip-It Drain Tool and that’s why we gift it to all of our new residents when they move into one of our rental homes! Watch the video below and bookmark it to ensure that you’re ready when you get your Zip-It drain tool.

Want to grab your own Zip It tool for your home use? We’ve been lucky to find ours at our local 99 Cent Stores or you can buy them online HERE!

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