Troubleshooting Clogs with Kelly!


Screenshot 2014 09 10 13.25.532 e1411408066663 - Troubleshooting Clogs with Kelly!

Have you had the worst luck with troubleshooting clogs? Did you know that as a renter that’s not the owner’s responsibility? Were you aware that using corrosive over-the-counter drain clearing products can cause more harm then good, depending on the type of pipes your rental property it outfitted with?

Kelly Peterson, California Leasing’s full-time maintenance coordinator has put together a video with our co-owner, Scott Taylor that covers some of the important tips and information that property managers all over wish tenants knew about!

Watch the video and then don’t hesitate to be in touch with our team is you have questions about troubleshooting your California Leasing rental or if you’re an owner how to take advantage of our amazing property management programs. Simply click HERE for more information.