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This is our second year renting a house through California Leasing and I am impressed with how they handle everything quickly and professionally. In the past, we rented from private owners as well as management, so I can compare the service we get and it is above and beyond my expectations. They always respond quickly to any concern or maintenance request that we have, and the maintenance people they work with are always professional and nice.

We had appliance repair, plumber and A/C work, pool and garden service – always done quickly and efficiently. When something needs more time or more research, they always communicate with me and I’m never left in the air about things. They communicate with the homeowner and come back with a solution, and I never need to worry that things will not get fixed – they always take care of it.

Our previous landlord would take days to respond and months to fix or solve the problem and we always felt that any problem that we had was a big nuisance to him. With California Leasing we always feel comfortable addressing an issue and they never let us feel like we are bothering them.

I love that we can pay online and submit maintenance requests through the tenant portal. It makes life easier.

Thank you California Leasing! You help make the process of renting a house easier and more pleasant 🙂