Christine Stevens


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Highly professional, best price around, super available and positive team, excellent customer service. WONDERFUL and highly recommended!

Lynda Trautwein


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As an out-of-state landlord, it is comforting to know that you can trust California Leasing Property Management to take full control of any situation concerning your rental property. From finding a qualified tenant to managing your property, California Leasing is on top of every aspect of the rental process. Rents are collected and deposited in a timely manner so, as… Read More

California Leasing Deserves Five Stars!


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As a fellow business owner I can attest that this company does a solid job in a very competitive market place. They strive to follow all of the local and state laws regarding property management and should be commended for running a quality business. I would highly recommend them and they deserve a 5 star review for sure!

Awesome customer service!


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I have been working with California Leasing to find rentals for myself and my family for more than three years now, and they are seriously the best at what they do! Professional managers and prompt responses to issues.