How to Reset Electrical Breakers


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While you probably know where the electrical breakers are located in your home, others who help around the home may not. That’s why it’s important to keep a log of important spots for home helpers like babysitters, grandparents, or guests. One of the tricky things for people who aren’t familiar with your home is how to reset electrical breakers with ease.

If you’ve got someone helping you around the home we recommend assembled a home information binder, with all the important things a house guest or home care provider might need. Here are a few that we think could be important and as you make the binder, you’ll probably find more!

  • Electrical Breakers
  • Home Warranty Contacts
  • Homeowners Insurance
  • GFCI Location
  • Phone numbers for security companies
  • Schedule for watering plants – indoor or outdoor
  • Water Shut Off Salve
  • Trash Schedule
  • HOA Information

You’ll usually find the main circuit breaker panel-a gray, metal box in the garage, a hallway, or laundry room. Don’t worry about opening the panel’s door, all the dangerous stuff is behind another steel cover. Behind the door are the main breaker for the entire house (usually at the top of the panel) and two rows of other breakers below it, each controlling individual circuits.

Here’s a helpful video on how to reset electrical breakers that walks through the entire process!

If you’re renting a home and having trouble with resetting your breakers, make sure you call your property management team to get help. California Leasing Property Management works with the top vendors in our area to ensure that our tenants are taken care of and our homes are well-maintained. We’re here to help, and you’re always family!

If you’re a current tenant and having a maintenance situation, and need the assistance of the California Leasing Property Management maintenance team please submit a Request for Maintenance.