Rental-Home Friendly Ways to Share Your Art

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how to hang artwork in a rental home - picture of artwork

There can be many challenges in rental living.  Not being able to paint the walls or change cabinetry, outdated appliances, and odd layouts are just a few. Check out the rest of our Rental-Home Friendly Ways to Share Your Art in your home!

But what if you can’t put holes in the walls?  A lot of renters face this problem and either might bend the rules a smidge or just never display their art, photos, and wall decor.  As renters, we should be able to create a personalized space that everyone can enjoy. All you need is a little creativity and fresh ideas and you’ll be displaying your art and picture collection in no time.

The easiest solution is to use Command Strips on painted walls.  Make sure to buy ones that match the size and weight of your art.  Once you stick them on, it’s a good idea to press the art frame to the wall for a few seconds.

For art in the bathroom or kitchen, use Velcro strips on hard surfaces like tile.

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If you have large art pieces and not enough wall space, or if the pieces are heavy, create a statement by leaning art on the floor.  Place it next to a piece of furniture or layer it with other art pieces.

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Try leaning art in a zigzag pattern in your bookcase; style the open shelves with books and decor items.

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