How To Move On A Rainy Day


How To Move On A Rainy Day blog post image
When you move on a rainy day, you need to think about how your belongings can be brought safely to your new home.
With all the excitement that you can feel as the day of your move comes near, there’s always a chance that you can overlook the little things, such as checking the weather forecast. If you live in a state where a quick rainstorm frequently occurs, or where some days are filled with heavy rain for hours, it’s always a good idea to check the weather before you proceed with your plan. If it’s raining on the day you plan to move and it just cannot be rescheduled, here are some tips that can help you handle any move on a rainy day.
Pack and Seal Your Boxes
If you have many delicate things such as documents or electronic items that you don’t want to get wet, make sure you’ve not only packed them securely, but you should also seal and covered them, as well. While you may find it a little harder to unpack the boxes, it will sure beat having to get another certificate or buy a new TV.
Invest in Some Shrink Wrap
Don’t just rely on blanket pads to keep your things dry; make sure you have plenty of shrink wrap on hand to cover the blankets up. That way, you don’t have to worry about your furniture being soaked under a wet blanket for hours.
Get Creative with Your Cover
If the truck can’t get into your garage, get creative, and set up a small awning. It may not cover everything, but it’s better than getting all your things drenched during the loading process.
Wait to Move-In
If it’s raining, and you already have everything loaded onto the truck, save yourself some time, settle in, and wait for it to stop. This way you won’t have to walk in and out of the house in the rain. It will not only make your things more safe and secure, but it will help to prevent injuries from slipping on wet floors.
Cover Up Carpets
If your new place has carpeted floors, you won’t want them to become dirty. If you don’t have a handy moving mat, you can always break down cardboard boxes and lay them in the entryways. That way, your carpets will stay clean, even if your shoes are muddy.
Wipe as You Go
You should have a box of towels ready on moving day and if possible, have some friends or relatives on drying duty, as the boxes are loaded on or off the truck. Quickly wiping the boxes will save you some grief later.
Scout Your Route
When you move your heavy items such as washers, tables, dressers, and beds, take time to scout the best possible route from where you’ll be leaving to the final destination. Make sure you select a route that ensures a smooth trip so your things will arrive securely in one piece.
Take Your Time
Take your time and don’t rush to get to your new house quickly. Nothing is more crucial than staying safe throughout the moving process. Always use gloves to prevent your hands from slipping. If you are not sure about a step, take a breather before something slips out of your hand. Stop for a little while to determine how your body feels, before continuing.  Remember that moving on a rainy day can make one more prone to injury.
Wait It Out
When there’s a torrential downpour, it’s a good idea to wait for the rain to stop entirely. In this situation, be sure to remember that the sidewalks and streets will be slippery. Always be cautious when you open up the truck, and be extra careful when loading your heavy things.
Hire Professionals
If you have the budget, it’s vital to hire professional movers, as they can make the moving process a lot easier, especially when it’s raining. They are not only capable of transporting your heavy pieces of furniture safely to your new home, but if you move from your old home to your new place on two or three trips, it may make more sense financially to have all your belongings moved in one trip rather than several. The quicker and safer the moving process, the better for you.
Moving on a rainy day will never be enjoyable. It is particularly hard if you are moving to or from a rainy state. Moving in the rain presents a lot of challenges, especially if you’ve decided to handle the move on your own.