Maintenance in Motion with California Leasing – Bubbling Paint


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One of the things that separates the California Leasing Property Management Team from it’s competitors is our dedicated team members who treat every single one of our tenants like an extension of our individual families.

Kelly, our dedicated Maintenance Coordinator takes the time to vet every single maintenance issue that arises and ensure that it’s dealt with properly from start to finish! Join us for a regular series, called Maintenance in Motion, where Kelly explains to our amazing friends and neighbors a common, or not so common, maintenance issue that came up and how we were able to mitigate the issue.


Symptom: Though it’s a bit difficult to see in these photos, the tenant of this property reported that the paint was bubbling up at an upper wall in the living room.

Conclusion: The findings were that the trim plate for the shower control lacked a good seal in the caulk around it. There was also a gap at the tub spout. Each time the tenant took a shower and water ran down the wall, it also ran behind behind the trim plate and tub spout causing damage to the drywall in the living room.

maintenance in motion with California Leasing