Helpful Plumbing Maintenance Tips!


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We know that maintaining a home, whether you’re a resident of a rental home or a homeowner, is the number one priority to keep your space comfortable and safe for everyone who lives there. Making sure you’re not doing anything to impede the performance of your home’s plumbing starts with making sure you’re certain of what can and cannot go into the kitchen sink. Did you know that plumbing maintenance issues often begin with improper dumping of food scraps and fats/oils that can cause build-ups that can lead to BIG problems?

That’s why we assembled these helpful plumbing maintenance tips that can be used to ensure that your home kitchen never goes without a sink or garbage disposal!

Helpful Plumbing Maintenance Tips!

Having trouble with your garbage disposal? There are times that your disposal simply just needs to be reset, and that is a super easy fix. Check out our blog post on how to reset it here.

If you ever have questions or concerns about what to do with kitchen sink issues, then it’s always best to engage with your property management or plumbing professionals! Residents of rental homes need to be extremely careful to not cause unintentional damage to the home’s plumbing, but always ensuring that you’re disposing of food scraps and oils/fats in the appropriate way and if a clog or drainage issues occur then make sure to get in touch with a pro.