Getting Ready to Move into a Rental

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Make your move into a rental easy and stress-free!

Congratulations! You just got word that you landed your brand new rental unit. We know all you can think about is getting settled into your new place, hosting elaborate dinner parties, and snuggling up on your couch for a movie night, but before you start packing here are a few tips to help make your move easy.

First things first, make sure you understand your lease requirements. Read over the paperwork and don’t be afraid to ask questions for clarification. Understand the rules and policies.

Before you move in conduct a thorough inspection of the rental property with the landlord. Use this opportunity to make note of any concerns that need to be addressed and the condition the rental unit is in. Backup your notes with pictures and store them on your computer in case you need to refer to them later on down the road. Make sure to clearly label your photo so that you can easily find them if needed. Typically, your landlord will have a checklist for you to use and take notes on.

Things to look for and take note of:

  1. Cracks in walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
  2. Water leakage/damage
  3. Holes in walls, even small holes from nails
  4. Doors: knicks, scratches, etc.
  5. Mold, pests, etc.
  6. Damaged floors
  7. Issues with appliances, don’t forget to check out the garbage disposal as well
  8. Missing/broken blinds, window screens
  9. Lack of hot water or heating/AC

This is the time to address these issues and get them resolved before you move in.

move into a rental

Secondly, make sure you contact your utility companies and internet service provider at least one week before you move in and make arrangements to set-up and turn on your services. You may be required to pay a deposit, so be prepared to have money set aside for this added expense. Some rental units have some utilities included. Make sure to check with your landlord, they should be able to provide you with contact information if needed.

Lastly, here are a few more tips to help make your move easy:

  1. Clearly label your boxes with what room they need to be moved into.
  2. Hire professional movers to help you, especially if you have a lot of large heavy furniture.
  3. Pack up your cleaning supplies last as you may need them to clean your old place or touch up the new place.
  4. Understand the decorating restrictions in your lease agreement. Can you paint? Are you only allowed to use specific items to hang artwork with? Ask your landlord before you start decorating.
  5. Start packing early! This will save you a lot of stress when the big day arrives.

Haven’t made the jump to a new rental yet? Check out our current listings and let us know if you have any questions!