Fall Maintenance Checklist

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picture of fall leaves in the park

We’re excited for the cooler weather here in Southern California, and because of that we’ve put together our Fall Maintenance Checklist for Landlords! California Leasing Property Management works closely with landlords and homeowners to discover the best quality tenants for our rental homes and we manage hundreds of them!

1. Service the HVAC and Central Air System

Fall is the best time to clean and/or replace all the air return filters as well as the filters around the heating unit itself. If the property has a wood burning fireplace, it’s a good idea to get the chimney swept once a year. This keeps the fires burning brightly and prevents sparks from causing fires in places you don’t want them.

2. Assess Exterior Repairs 

With cooler weather comes rainstorms, and this can be a bigger issue if the roof has not been maintained or there is damage to the surrounding yard, pavement or patios. Have all exterior repairs assessed before the rainy season and keep your rental home in great shape.

3. Check Sprinkler Systems and Drainage

Watering the lawn of rentals homes in HOA Communities is a must, however, a broken sprinkler running during a rainy day can mean costly repairs in the future that could add up to more dollars than necessary. A quick inspection, and ensuring that timers are set for the appropriate time will save you money and time.

4. Do a Safety Inspection

  • Look for rotted wood, lifting or sinking concrete pads, or anything else that could be a slipping hazard when covered with snow or ice.
  • Check handrails for stability.
  • Check outdoor outlets and light fixtures to make sure they work and that they are waterproof.


We know that managing maintenance for a rental home can be challenging and frustrating, and that’s why California Leasing Property Management’s team is here to help! Fill out the form below to get started having more time for what matters most when you work with our expertly trained team of property managers and maintenance professionals!

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