Get Organized With These Effective Storage Solutions


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You are going to love these effective storage solutions!

You are all too familiar with the scene we are about to paint: the kids toys are tossed around the floor, the clothes are piling up on a random chair by the washer, and the backpacks are thrown by the side of the front door. Sound familiar? Of course it does, we have all been there. Storage solutions can be tricky and costly, especially when you are renting a home. You may have restrictions on what you can and cannot do. Unfortunately not every living situation comes with ample storage space, so we are left with clutter.

Thankfully, we have rounded up a list of the most effective storage solutions for you and your family. These easy, effective storage solutions are sure to make your home more comfortable and help you relax just a little bit more.


effective storage solutionsAlright, someone has to say it. Every great effective storage solution begins with the process of decluttering your house. Old baby toys no one uses, toss. Clothes you have not worn in a year, toss. Twenty flower vases collecting dust, toss. Book that you won’t read again, toss. If the items are still usable, make sure to donate them to your favorite second hand store, or sell on your neighborhood Facebook group or Craigslist. Those extra bucks could come in handy for a few of our simple solutions listed below.

Build Up!

One of the most effective storage solutions is to build up. Make use of your empty walls and buy tall storage pieces. Shelves are also effective and can easily help you get organized. Just add some baskets or bins to your shelves for a clean and organized look.

Clear Bins are Your Friends

If you are adding items to bins to store in your garage or other space where you will not be accessing things regularly, make it easier on yourself and use clear bins so you can easily identify the contents. Or at the very least, make sure your bins are clearly labeled.

Pro Tip: Group similar items together – Christmas items, beach gear, snow clothes, etc.

Use Space Saver Bags

When packing up winter or summer clothes, use space saving bags similar to this for easy storage in a bin or under the bed. You will be able to store significantly more items per bin than without the bags.

These bags are not limited to just clothing items though. Blankets and linens can also be stored in these bags freeing up much needed closet space.

Put Your Bed on Risers

If you have limited wall space to build up, raise your bed up to provide even more storage space underneath. This is the perfect space for out of season clothing items.

Make sure to invest in quality bed risers. Plastic ones tend to break easily and won’t last as long. It is best to stick with solid wood bed risers.effective storage solutions

Buy Furniture That Can Double as Storage

Lastly, invest in furniture that can double as effective storage spaces. Try switching out your coffee table for one that has storage underneath it, or where the lid opens up to reveal storage space. Ottomans are also great for this. Your extra seating now has an alternate purpose.

When all is said and done and you still need more space, consider making the move to a larger space. You can check out our available rentals here.