Top 3 Tips for Successful Security Deposit Return!

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Getting a security deposit returned often seems like an impossible and nerve-wracking task for tenants. Leases end and tenants often times move on to be homeowners, upgrade to a bigger rental home or downsize to accommodate the changes in their rental needs.   Here are the things you can do to insure you receive the most of your security deposit At … Read More

VIDEO: Property Management Pro-Tip: Get Everything in Writing!

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Are you getting everything in writing? Here’s our property management pro-tip about getting everything in writing! The California Leasing team of experts have been managing communication with tenants for many years now, and one things we know is that you should always get everything in writing! Committing to details about your valuable investment property, is simply leaving too much to … Read More

VIDEO: What is fair in terms of a security deposit?

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What is fair in terms of a security deposit?  Whether you’re managing your own property or hiring an expert to run it for you, one of the most important things about marketing that home is transparency when it comes to the condition of the property and the security deposit. Depending on the state you live in, the regulations might be … Read More

VIDEO: What is Fair When it Comes to Security Deposits?

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What is Fair When it Comes to Security Deposits? Mike and Scott receive this question a lot via email and phone calls. It’s a very important piece of information to consider before you market your property as available for rent. Security deposit guidelines vary by state, and it’s important to ensure that you are following the proper requirements based on … Read More

VIDEO: Tenant Communication – Get Everything in Writing!

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California Leasing’s expert team works every day to ensure that our bases our covered when it comes to tenant communication. As a part of the service we offer to property investors and homeowners, California Leasing’s property managers have created a solid system for communicating to every tenant when it comes time for policy changes, move out time and home inspections. … Read More

VIDEO: Some Great News for the First Time Home Buyer!


Are you a first time home buyer? Whether you’re looking to create an investment portfolio or move into your first home, there are lots of things happening on the market right now that you should know about. We are fortunate to have relationships with many of the community’s leading experts, and our team is always willing to share that knowledge and … Read More

Real Estate Market Update with Mike Bjorkman!

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The real estate market can impact all aspects of the market including the rental market and that’s why Mike Bjorkman and Scott Taylor discuss in this helpful video how the real estate market’s current state is impacting the market for buyers, sellers and property investors.     Still have more questions about the market? Curious if this is the best … Read More

Bjorkman Quick Tip: Move-In Inspections

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Mike Bjorkman offers some insight to landlords how to best manage move-in inspections and protect themselves and their property. Your property is a business and it’s important to remember that when you’re leasing your rental home to a tenant that they return in the same or better condition. However, when it’s time for your tenant to vacate the property, you’ll … Read More