Top 5 Ways to Maintain Positive Tenant Relations

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Top 5 Ways to Maintain Positive Tenant Relations It may be tough keeping customers satisfied when you’re handling multiple properties and balancing various tasks, however preserving resident associations is a key element to productive home management. How will you keep an eye on one individual’s needs in a pool of so many? How can tenant relationships be maintained and increase productivity, … Read More

What does an California Leasing property manager do?

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What does a property manager do? Being a property manager is a difficult and often daily task of managing the ins and outs of property maintenance and balancing the books. Here in the Santa Clarita, California Leasing positions itself as the market leader for quality of service to all of our tenants and owners. It’s safe to say that if you’re … Read More

The Rental And The HOA…An Ever Changing Story

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So much of the Santa Clarita Valley is subject to the rules and regulations of a Home Owners Association (HOA) which in more legal parlance is a Common Interest Development (CID).  Sometimes there are even sub-associations within the master association. Where Do Association’s Get Their Power? The short answer is the Davis-Stirling Act.  Now here is the long answer.  CIDs … Read More