Filling Your Home with Fall

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Filling Your Home with Fall

While here in Santa Clarita, we are experiencing warm weather, we are looking forward to the cooler weather and the Fall Decor that comes with the Fall months here in California. Bring the Outside In One of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to make it feel more like Fall throughout your home is to bring natural elements inside. We live … Read More

Summer Survival Tips for Renters

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What’s a renter to do? Summertime energy prices can turn a trip to the mailbox into a stressful experience. But while major home improvement projects may be off the table for renters, it’s still possible to take some of the sting out of summer power bills. The key is conservation. If you can’t change your living space, change your behavior. … Read More

3 Things to Know About HOAs When Renting a Home!

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Santa Clarita is a beautiful community, and we love the neighborhoods and everything they offer our tenants, and here are 3 Things to Know About HOAs When Renting a Home! If you’re renting a home, you need to know about it about Homeowner’s Associations, more commonly referred to as HOAs. Basically, an HOA is a formal and official group, often … Read More

Fall Decor Tips

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8 Tips for Fall Decor

Are you ready for the Fall Decor season? We found some great tips on Better Homes & Gardens! Check them out and don’t forget to share your favorites too! Introduce hints of a new color to your existing palette. Combine autumn red or orange splashes with a neutral or contrasting base such as taupe, olive, or blue. Muted greens are fresh … Read More