Beautiful Backyard Tips for Renters

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Beautiful Backyard Tips for Renters - picture of bench in backyard

Living in a rental home doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your backyard garden oasis. While we definitely recommend avoiding making any major changes to the backyard unless you received approval from your property manager or landlord, however, there are ways you can maximize your space and enjoy the warmer months! One thing to always note is that you should check … Read More

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips!

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Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips!

“The kitchen is the heart of the home.” And that holds true in every rental home too. Here at California Leasing Property Management, we are always fielding maintenance requests for household appliances and that’s why we assembled a handy list of cleaning tips that can help avoid maintenance issues! RefrigeratorWe know the fridge is one of the most important pieces … Read More

Top 5 Spring Checklist Items for Property Owners

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spring on a paper

Spring is upon almost fully upon us and with the recent rains here in Southern California, California Leasing Property Management is looking to ensure that rental property owners are well-equipped to manage their home repairs! 1. Ensure Good DrainageCheck around your rental property to ensure that drainage is sufficient on patios, walkways, and driveways to avoid any issues! 2. Prevent … Read More

Top 6 Reasons to Work with a Property Management Company

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picture of blocks with a house on top

California Leasing Property Management offers a variety of services to our current clients. And, we are always happy to answer questions about why working with a property management company like our team that serves the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys, is important to rental home success. With the New Year upon us, it is important to take the below … Read More

Thanksgiving Holiday Tips!

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picture of pumpkin decor and fall leaves

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we at would like you to have a pleasant and worry-free Holiday with family and friends! If you haven’t been using your oven on a regular basis, test it before the holiday to ensure that it’s working properly before the big event. Maintenance can be tough to manage on the holidays, and we want … Read More

Rental Home Vacation Checklist

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picture of a map, laptop and planning for vacation

Are you getting ready to take family vacation? With the holidays upon us and travel something we are all likely to be planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have assembled some helpful tips to keep your home safe while you’re away. Make your house look lived-in: To avoid the possibility of an appliance breakdown while you’re away: Some additional things … Read More

Summer Maintenance Tips

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hose sprinkler

With each season, it’s important to remember to keep an eye on your rental home to ensure major maintenance issues are avoided with these Summer Maintenance Tips. California Leasing Property Management offers the following tips to keep your home and yard in tip-top shape this summer. Everything from the air-conditioner to ensuring your yard is on-point this summer and well … Read More

Managing Sharing a Fridge with a Roommate


open concept dining room and kitchen image

Common conflicts in a home with roomies is generally regarding shared space, and especially the kitchen. What we’ve learned from assisting in minor conflict resolution between tenants and hearing the stories of many of our independent owners is that there should always be ground rules agreed upon, even before the boxes are unpacked. 1. Break out the Markers While it’s … Read More

Patching Holes in Your Rental Home Walls

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2Inch Putty Knife Filling a Nail Hole - Patching Holes in Your Rental Home Walls

We found this great share on Bob Vila’s Website that is perfect for tenant’s moving out of a rental home! When you’re ready to move it’s important to patch holes you’ve made in the walls, and prepare it for fresh paint and touch-ups! Check out this post and more on the Bob Vila Blog. To prepare the surface, lightly swipe … Read More