Bringing a Garden Indoors


indoor gardening ideas   mini house - Bringing a Garden Indoors

Love to garden, “bringing a garden indoors” can be a great solution!

Bringing a garden indoors can seem time-consuming, and as though it might take up more space then you’re willing to commit to in the long run. We recently found a great piece put together by Bob Vila titled, “10 Crazy New Ways to Bring the Garden Indoors” and we’re thrilled to share some of the highlights here with our amazing friends and neighbors!

Here are some of our favorite ideas from the post and how you can incorporate them into your home, whether it’s a rental home or not!

Leftover wine bottles? Here’s a great use for wine bottles that eco-friendly and a fun DIY weekend!

bringing a garden indoors


Unused Picture Frames? It’s easy to collect those IKEA frames, and there’s always the best intentions of creating that fabulous photo wall to commemorate your year-in-review and then life is busy and hectic. We like this one for it’s DIY ease and how uncomplicated it can make perking up your living area with greenery.

bringing a garden indoors













Trying to figure out what to do over the mantle? We’re loving the variety of new plant wall art that is popping up all over DIY home centers and hardware stores!

bringing a garden indoors












These were just a few of our favorite from the slideshow with helpful tips and information. Bringing a garden indoors, whether you’re living in a smaller space or larger home offers a lot of benefits for health and well-being! We’re a big fan of finding the best ways to utilize your space to the fullest of it’s potential, and some of our best tricks came from our tenants and homeowners. If you’re got ideas that you’ve implemented in your home, please share them with us in the comments on any of our social media channels!