7 tips for keeping your plants alive


check out these 7 tips for keeping your plants alive

Did you know that all of our new residents receive an amazing gift bag full of goodies AND a stunning plant from Sow It Goes Plant Shop? We love plants here at the office and we’re loving seeing them thrive in the homes of our residents!

For our friends and neighbors, who haven’t yet gotten a fun plant, or need some tips, here are seven tips to help you keep a plant alive and a really fun infographic with some more great tips!

  1. Get the right plant. Succulents don’t need much care.
  2. Let there be (not too much) light! Plants need different levels of light.
  3. Change is bad. Be consistent with your plants.
  4. The plant chooses the pot. As your plants grow, just like a family needs more room when you add members, don’t forget to upgrade their homes with more room!
  5. Use the good dirt. Ask your local neighborhood gardening center for tips and ideas on which soil is the best for potted plants.
  6. Cut the dead stuff. Trimming your plants regularly of dead leaves or frowns can help to ensure their long-time health!
  7. Don’t over-water your plants.

Check out the infographic below! You can print it out and share it with friends, and don’t forget to follow up on Instagram!

keep plants alive infographic