5 Electrical Safety Tips for Solo Landlords


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Being the premier Santa Clarita Property Management Firm, we know several local and national landlords who are managing property solo and doing it very well. Alternately, we also help guide new property investors onto the right track of building successful portfolios that build future wealth, and tips like these are simply a part of the guidance we can offer to every landlord who might need a little help.

When you’re getting your property ready for new tenants, it’s important to always maintain a solid checklist and ensure the property is prepared properly.

Here are five things to add to your Property Preparation Checklist:

5 Electrical Safety Tips

  1. Test GFCI’s and AFCi’s to confirm they are functioning properly.
  2. Ask previous tenants if they have had any blown fuses or tripping circuits during their tenancy.
  3. Double-check that light switches and electrical outlets do not feel warm to the touch when being used.
  4. Make sure that the area surrounding the electrical meter is clear of vehicles, debris, and trash cans.
  5. Provide tenants with a troubleshooting guide for basic electrical issues.

It’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to issues with your investment property. When work does need to be done on your property, ensure you’re using licensed and bonded professionals who will warranty their work. If you live in the Santa Clarita area and need vendor recommendations, don’t hesitate to call our office!