3 New Year Tips for Rental Homeowners


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Do you have a vacant rental property, and would you like to take the time to spruce it up and make certain that all aspects are ready for your next tenant? California Leasing Property Management, manages the maintenance for all our rental homeowners, and during our property inspections, we’ll make notes on what needs to be done urgently, and any other items that might be attractive to future tenants.

If you’re managing your homes solo, here are some of the top items that California Leasing Property Management would recommend to all homeowners, but especially rental homeowners.

1. Catch up on rental home maintenance projects

Make sure you’re tracking the regular maintenance of things like your roof, water heater, and HVAC System. While deferring these projects might seem like a time and money saver, they could end up costing more, too, and keep putting them off. That’s why you want to get 100% caught up on our home maintenance projects by this summer. That’s a smart resolution for any rental homeowner since every dollar in deferred maintenance can end up costing four times as much in the future.

2. Remove pain points around your home

Removing pain points, which can include smaller maintenance projects such as replacing fixtures and finishes, can make a huge improvement to the aesthetic of the home. California Leasing Property Management tenants are looking for homes that can be a blank canvas for the time they will occupy the rental home, and updating or removing personalization will help rent your home faster!

3. Add features to make your home more enjoyable

Adding features that improve the overall functionality of the home is key to tenants realizing their future in the home. Updating thermostats to SMART technology, can help with money savings, and be a real selling point for California Leasing Property Management’s listing team. Also ensuring spaces like pantries and cupboards are organization friendly can be a true value to a family or someone who loves to keep things tidy.

But there are lots of ways we can make some smaller investments to save more money on our energy bills in the coming years, such as re-caulking around the windows and adding more insulation. With climate change concerns rising, homeowners should see what they can do to become more energy efficient in the coming year.

Are you curious how California Leasing Property Management can help you manage your rental home portfolio? Visit rental home page here to get started.

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