3 Great Reasons Video Tours Work


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California Leasing Property Management uses cutting-edge marketing practices including video tours with amazing success!

Video tours have been an essential part of our marketing strategy for several years. We have found success in reducing vacancy rates for rental homeowners and giving prospective tenants a look inside the property that helps them visualize their future space.  During this uncertain time, we found our marketing best practices to be even more helpful in allowing tenants to search for a new home safely and from the comfort of their current home. What we have found is that utilizing video tours has made it easier for potential tenants to decide if they would like to book an in-person viewing of the property.

Here are just a few reasons why video is a key to our success and we use it to help tenants visualize a rental home:

  1. Video Tours are Very Shareable – Prospective tenants are able to share video links from our YouTube Channel with family members, or roommates! Every link is easy to text, email, or message on Facebook/Instagram so that everyone living in the home can see preview the property and decide if the next step is to book an in-person appointment or continuing to search for a home.
  2. People Can Picture Themselves Living in the Property – A video tour is a physical walk-through by a professional videographer that shows the potential tenant every space of the home. If you’ve ever viewed a property, you know that oftentimes the photos don’t highlight the important spaces in the home. Our videos allow you to view all the nooks & crannies from where is the laundry located to what’s the master bathroom truly looks like, after you’ve viewed the video you can book an appointment to view the home in person!
  3. The Video Tour Answers Some Questions Ahead of Time – We love how video allows us to help our prospective tenants areas that may not be shown in static photography, and it can be a great way for them to decide if the space will truly work for their needs.

California Leasing Property Management has been working with expert videographers who offer drone and indoor walk-throughs of our rental homes in the Santa Clarita & San Fernando Valley. This aspect allows us to better serve our rental homeowners and potential tenants!

Renting a home with us is easy, just follow the steps below:
  1. Visit our Available Rentals on our mobile-friendly website
  2. View all the photos and video on the listing
  3. Book an in-person viewing before applying

Simple and easy!

If you’re a homeowner, please visit our My Rental Value page today, to get your Property Evaluation and learn more about what we have to offer!

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