Jenny Kim


California Leasing has been managing my property for about a year now, and I could not be happier with the service. Rael Narvell is my property manager, and she is knowledgeable, professional, and fair. Due to some maintenance issues, it has not been the smoothest year for me or my tenants, but I always knew what was happening. Together with Rael and Kelly Peterson, the awesome Maintenance Coordinator, we always came up with a solution. They keep me in the loop, offer very valuable suggestions, and I feel assured that both my property and my tenants are taken care of. I really do feel like we are a team. And just to comment the rest of the team. The way California Leasing works is they have people who specialize. The person who signs you is different than the person who markets your property, and they are different from the person who handles the finances and paperwork, and for me, none of them ended up being my property manager (the fantastic Rael). While this was confusing for me in the beginning (I wasn’t always sure who to talk to and different people were contacting me), I totally get it now. At each stage, the person I spoke to and asked questions of were experts and knowledgeable in their specialties. I look forward to many years of continued success with Rael, Kelly, and the California Leasing team.