Summer Maintenance Tips

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With each season, it’s important to remember to keep an eye on your rental home to ensure major maintenance issues are avoided with these Summer Maintenance Tips. California Leasing Property Management offers the following tips to keep your home and yard in tip-top shape this summer. Everything from the air-conditioner to ensuring your yard is on-point this summer and well … Read More

Patching Holes in Your Rental Home Walls

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We found this great share on Bob Vila’s Website that is perfect for tenant’s moving out of a rental home! When you’re ready to move it’s important to patch holes you’ve made in the walls, and prepare it for fresh paint and touch-ups! Check out this post and more on the Bob Vila Blog. To prepare the surface, lightly swipe … Read More

Garbage Disposal TroubleShooting Tips

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  California Leasing’s Maintenance Coordinator fields a lot of questions from tenants, and she has put together some handy videos to assist with troubleshooting some home maintenance issues that don’t require taking time out of your busy day to wait around for a handyman or plumber. Garbage disposal problems can be some of the most frustrating, since the kitchen is … Read More

5 Electrical Safety Tips for Solo Landlords

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  Being the premier Santa Clarita Property Management Firm, we know several local and national landlords who are managing property solo and doing it very well. Alternately, we also help guide new property investors onto the right track of building successful portfolios that build future wealth, and tips like these are simply a part of the guidance we can offer … Read More

Maintenance In Motion with California Leasing!

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Symptom: This kitchen faucet sprayer nozzle was leaking at the connection to the hose every time the tenant pulled it out of the hole in the faucet plate. Conclusion: The tenants thought that because they were no longer using sprayer nozzle, it was no longer leaking. What they didn’t realize is that just because they couldn’t see it actively leaking, … Read More

Maintenance in Motion Mondays with California Leasing!

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We got such a wonderful response from last week’s Maintenance in Motion post that we decided to make it a regular part of our weekly sharing! In this blog post, Kelly Peterson discusses the issues recently experienced with a slow flushing toilet. It’s truly important to have an expert assist with plumbing issues in order to avoid long-term problems. It’s also extremely … Read More

Maintenance in Motion with California Leasing – Bubbling Paint

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One of the things that separates the California Leasing Property Management Team from it’s competitors is our dedicated team members who treat every single one of our tenants like an extension of our individual families. Kelly, our dedicated Maintenance Coordinator takes the time to vet every single maintenance issue that arises and ensure that it’s dealt with properly from start … Read More

Troubleshooting Clogs with Kelly!

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Have you had the worst luck with troubleshooting clogs? Did you know that as a renter that’s not the owner’s responsibility? Were you aware that using corrosive over-the-counter drain clearing products can cause more harm then good, depending on the type of pipes your rental property it outfitted with? Kelly Peterson, California Leasing’s full-time maintenance coordinator has put together a … Read More